Rajen Dinesh Shah

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Stability selection was recently introduced by Meinshausen and Bühlmann as a very general technique designed to improve the performance of a variable selection algorithm. It is based on aggregating the results of applying a selection procedure to subsamples of the data. We introduce a variant, called complementary pairs stability selection, and derive(More)
Finding interactions between variables in large and high-dimensional data sets is often a serious computational challenge. Most approaches build up interaction sets incremen-tally, adding variables in a greedy fashion. The drawback is that potentially informative high-order interactions may be overlooked. Here, we propose an alternative approach for(More)
We study large-scale regression analysis where both the number of variables, p, and the number of observations, n, may be large and in the order of millions or more. This is very different from the now well-studied high-dimensional regression context of " large p, small n ". For example, in our " large p, large n " setting, an ordinary least squares(More)
Felbamate has been approved for refractory partial seizures since the early nineties. Due to safety concerns regarding its use, namely, in aplastic anemia and hepatic failure, felbamate's use has been restricted and a 'Black Box' warning has been inserted. Nonetheless, it is a useful drug in refractory cases of partial epilepsy. There are certain(More)
Pharmacokinetic studies for proving bioequivalence of orally inhaled drug products—critical issues and concepts. Front. Pharmacol. 6:117. The inhalational drug market, especially the generic market, has a tremendous growth potential are drugs that are bioequivalent to the approved drugs. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has defined(More)
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