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Diaphragmatic rupture is a life-threatening condition. Diaphragmatic injuries are quite uncommon and often result from either blunt or penetrating trauma. Diaphragmatic ruptures are usually associated with abdominal trauma however, it can occur in isolation. Acute traumatic rupture of the diaphragm may go unnoticed and there is often a delay between the(More)
Synchronized oscillations are of critical functional importance in many biological systems. We show that such oscillations can arise without centralized coordination in a disordered system of electrically coupled excitable and passive cells. Increasing the coupling strength results in waves that lead to coherent periodic activity, exhibiting cluster, local(More)
Intrahepatic sarcomatoid cholangiocarcinoma is a rare but an aggressive variant of cholangiocarcinoma with a very poor prognosis. We report the first caucasian patient who presented with a rapidly enlarging liver mass requiring hepatic resection. Detailed histopathological analyses including immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy confirmed sarcomatoid(More)
Non-equilibrium processes which convert chemical energy into mechanical motion enable the motility of organisms. Bundles of inextensible filaments driven by energy transduction of molecular motors form essential components of micron-scale motility engines like cilia and flagella. The mimicry of cilia-like motion in recent experiments on synthetic active(More)
Haemonchus contortus infection in small ruminants is one of the most important causes of reduced growth, mortality of young ones and decreased reproduction of adults. Non-availability of selective chemotherapeutic agents pose huge economic loss to marginal farmers worldwide. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to evaluate the in vitro anthelmintic(More)
Coherent oscillatory activity can arise spontaneously as a result of increased coupling in a system of excitable and passive cells, each being quiescent in isolation. This can potentially explain the appearance of spontaneous rhythmic contractions in the pregnant uterus close to term. We investigate the transition to periodic activity using a model system(More)
A variety of complex spatial patterns relevant to chemical and biological systems can be generated through reaction-diffusion mechanisms. In this paper, we show that diffusive coupling through the inactivating component in a system of relaxation oscillators extends such complexity to the temporal domain, generating remarkable spatiotemporal phenomena. We(More)