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—This paper addresses about various image compression techniques. On the basis of analyzing the various image compression techniques this paper presents a survey of existing research papers. In this paper we analyze different types of existing method of image compression. Compression of an image is significantly different then compression of binary raw(More)
The N-Queens problem is commonly used to teach the programming technique of backtrack search. The N-Queens problem may also be used to illustrate the important concept of isomorphism. Here we show how the N-Queens problem can be used as a vehicle to teach the concepts of isomorphism, transformation groups or generators, and equivalence classes. We indicate(More)
t-BHP induced oxidative stress and Ca2+ function impairment in fresh hepatocytes was studied in order to understand its role in cytotoxicity. Viability of hepatocytes by the release of lactate dehydrogenase and methyl thiazoletetrazolium reduction method alongwith malondialdehyde formation indicated oxidative stress in the hepatotoxic action of t-BHP.
The issue of SVMs parameter optimization with particle swarm optimization (pso) provide the optimum solution. This new classification approach may be an efficient alternative, in existing paradigms. PSO technique work with high dimensional datasets and mixed attribute data. The structure of the image is recognized through PSO technique which provide(More)
With the rapid increasing demand of digital networks, people are likely to demand more and more accurate images which can be efficiently achieved using image compression. In image compression the irrelevant data is removed from the image keeping in mind that the data is stored in an adequate form. By doing this the data from the original image is sometimes(More)
Cloud Computing is a flourishing technology because of its scalability, flexibility, availability of resources and other features. Resource multiplexing is done through the virtualization technology in cloud computing. Virtualization technology acts as a backbone for provisioning requirements of the cloud based solutions. At present, load balancing is one(More)
The utility of medical image increases due to serious disease prediction such as brain stroke and lung cancer. The size of medical image required large amount of memory and bandwidth for storage and transmission. For the lossless compression of medical image some standard algorithm are used such as JPEG, composite and Wavelet based. These entire algorithms(More)
Provable data possession (PDP) is one of the techniques to ensure the integrity of data in storage outsourcing. Here in this paper, we speak to the creation of an efficient PDP method for distributed cloud storage to maintain the scalability of service and data migration. On the basis on homomorphic verifiable response and hash index hierarchy we projected(More)
VANET (Vehicular ad hoc network) is a network which mainly consists of mobile nodes which are categorized by high speed, dynamically changing topology, lack of any central authority, relationship between nodes are often short lived. It is a network which mainly focus on providing applications which save human lives and provide comfort to drivers during(More)