Rajeev Pandey

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—This paper addresses about various image compression techniques. On the basis of analyzing the various image compression techniques this paper presents a survey of existing research papers. In this paper we analyze different types of existing method of image compression. Compression of an image is significantly different then compression of binary raw(More)
The proteins of Plasmodium, the malaria parasite, are strikingly rich in asparagine. Plasmodium depends primarily on host haemoglobin degradation for amino acids and has a rudimentary pathway for amino acid biosynthesis, but retains a gene encoding asparagine synthetase (AS). Here we show that deletion of AS in Plasmodium berghei (Pb) delays the asexual-(More)
The improvement of the accuracy of image query retrieval used image classification technique. Image classification is well known technique of supervised learning. The improved method of image classification increases the working efficiency of image query retrieval. For the improvements of classification technique we used RBF neural network function for(More)
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