Rajeev Garapati

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BACKGROUND Scapulothoracic dissociation is an infrequent injury that is often accompanied by neurovascular injuries with a potentially devastating outcome. The aim of this study was to evaluate the functional outcome following scapulothoracic dissociation. METHODS During a twenty-four-year period, we treated twenty-five patients with a scapulothoracic(More)
Following the development of the Less Invasive Sabilization System for Distal Femur a similar system for proximal tibia fractures (LISS PLT) was designed. Anatomical studies were carried out to define the shape of the plate and the position and orientation of the screws. Standard mechanical tests were performed to ensure that the LISS PLT fixation provides(More)
Reconstruction of the diabetic foot presents significant challenges for the surgeon. The goals of treatment are correction of deformity as well as elimination of infection, with production of a stable, plantigrade foot. Certainly not all patients with Charcot deformities require reconstruction. Many can be effectively managed with proper shoe modifications(More)
INTRODUCTION The ideal treatment of an isolated radial artery injury that is associated with a fracture of the distal radius is unknown. Our purposes were to assess the incidence of this injury pattern and to describe the outcomes of our treatment protocol. We hypothesised that combined routine repair of the artery during operative treatment results in a(More)
Background: Blunt chest trauma is frequently present in patients with multiple trauma. In polytraumatized patients thoracic injuries have significant influence on the treatment strategy, not only in the emergency room but also in the intensive care unit. They also affect the decision-making concerning fracture management. The vital role played by blunt(More)
The main feature of osteogenesis imperfecta is an excessive fragility and deformability of the bones owing to reduced mass and bone quality. This leads to angular deformity and frequent fractures. These fractures usually heal rapidly, and conservative treatment is the norm. In displaced and unstable fractures, elastic intramedullary nailing is a treatment(More)
In locking plate osteosynthesis, proper surgical technique is crucial in reducing potential pitfalls, and use of a torque limiter makes it possible to control insertion torque. We conducted a study of the ways in which different techniques can alter the accuracy of torque limiters. We tested 22 torque limiters (1.5 Nm) for accuracy using hand and power(More)
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