Rajeev Ahuja

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We report the results of our first-principles study based on density functional theory on the interaction of the nucleic acid base molecules adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), thymine (T), and uracil (U), with a single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT). Specifically, the focus is on the physisorption of base molecules on the outer wall of a (5, 0) metallic(More)
The search for ferromagnetism above room temperature in dilute magnetic semiconductors has been intense in recent years. We report the first observations of ferromagnetism above room temperature for dilute (<4 at.%) Mn-doped ZnO. The Mn is found to carry an average magnetic moment of 0.16 mu(B) per ion. Our ab initio calculations find a valance state of(More)
Li-Na ternary amidoborane, Na[Li(NH(2)BH(3))(2)], was recently synthesized by reacting LiH and NaH with NH(3)BH(3). This mixed-cation amidoborane shows improved dehydrogenation performance compared to that of single-cation amidoboranes, i.e., LiNH(2)BH(3) and NaNH(2)BH(3). In this paper, we synthesized the Li-Na ternary amidoborane by blending and(More)
Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) is a technologically very important phase-change material for rewritable optical and electrical storage because it can be switched rapidly back and forth between amorphous and crystalline states for millions of cycles by appropriate pulsed heating. However, an understanding of this complicated phenomenon has not yet been achieved. Here, by(More)
Ge(2)Sb(2)Te(5) (GST) is a technologically very important phase-change material that is used in digital versatile disks-random access memory and is currently studied for the use in phase-change random access memory devices. This type of data storage is achieved by the fast reversible phase transition between amorphous and crystalline GST upon heat pulse.(More)
Structural competition in boron group elements has been studied by means of ab initio calculations. For boron we predict a structural change alpha-B-->alpha-Ga accompanied by a nonmetal-metal transition at a pressure of about 74 GPa. For Al and Ga we find an icosahedron based elemental modification (alpha-B) 0.22 and 0.05 eV/atom, respectively, higher in(More)
A significant improvement in molecular hydrogen uptake properties is revealed by our ab initio calculations for Li-decorated metal-organic framework 5. We have found that two Li atoms are strongly adsorbed on the surfaces of the six-carbon rings, one on each side, carrying a charge of +0.9e per Li atom. Each Li can cluster three H(2) molecules around itself(More)
Carbon can exist as isolated dumbbell, 1D chain, 2D plane, and 3D network in carbon solids or carbon-based compounds, which attributes to its rich chemical binding way, including sp-, sp(2)-, and sp(3)-hybridized bonds. sp(2)-hybridizing carbon always captures special attention due to its unique physical and chemical property. Here, using an evolutionary(More)
Iron and magnesium are almost immiscible at ambient pressure. The low solubility of Mg in Fe is due to a very large size mismatch between the alloy components. However, the compressibility of Mg is much higher than that of Fe, and therefore the difference in atomic sizes between elements decreases dramatically with pressure. Based on the predictions of ab(More)