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We investigate the use of prosody for the detection of frustration and annoyance in natural human-computer dialog. In addition to prosodic features, we examine the contribution of language model information and speaking " style ". Results show that a prosodic model can predict whether an utterance is neutral versus " annoyed or frustrated " with an accuracy(More)
Dialog act annotation potentially provides a means to aid information retrieval and summarization of meeting data. This work presents an in-depth view of the annotation methods of both the dialog act annotation and adjacency pair labeling schemes used for the Meeting Recorder data. Additionally, detailed descriptions of the individual tags within the(More)
In early 2001 we reported (at the Human Language Technology meeting) the early stages of an ICSI project on processing speech from meetings (in collaboration with other sites, principally SRI, Columbia, and UW). In this paper we report our progress from the first few years of this effort, including: the collection and subsequent release of a 75-meeting(More)
This paper provides a progress report on ICSI's Meeting Project, including both the data collected and annotated as part of the project , as well as the research lines such materials support. We include a general description of the official " ICSI Meeting Corpus " , as currently available through the Linguistic Data Consortium, discuss some of the existing(More)
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