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A Data Warehouse (DW) is a repository of information collected from multiple sources, stored under a unified schema, and that usually resides at a single site. DWs are constructed via a process of data cleaning, data integration, data transformation, data loading, and periodic data refreshing. Integration of data sources refers to the task of developing a(More)
NS2 is a discrete event simulator for networking research, which works at the packet level. Here, we will be using ns2 to simulate traffic congestion of TCP and UDP packets inside a network. NS2 is popularly used in the simulation of routing and multicast protocols and is heavily used in ad-hoc networking research. ns2 supports network protocols (TCP, UDP,(More)
Broadcasting plays an important role in the communication protocol design and it acts as a fundamental operation in wireless sensor network (WSN). This paper investigates the Minimum Latency Broadcast Scheduling in Duty Cycled (MLBSDC) problem in WSN. The MLBSDC problem aims to find a broadcast scheduling that minimizes the time in which the last node(More)
The most expensive and the time consuming step of software development life cycle is its testing. There are several research proposed to develop a low cost, scalable and effective method for software testing. With the help of the techniques of automatic generation of test cases one can easily and very efficiently find an optimal set of cases that allow an(More)
Measurement and estimation of packet loss characteristics are challenging due to the relatively rare occurrence and typically short duration of packet loss episodes. While active probe tools are commonly used to measure packet loss on end-to end paths, there has been little analysis of the accuracy of these tools or their impact on the network. The(More)
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