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Folklore claims on some medicinal plants used by Bheel tribe of Guna district Madhya Pradesh
The state of Madhya Pradesh comprises of a large population of tribal communities belonging to various ethnic groups. These forest dwellers live in forests and possess a vast knowledge on variousExpand
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Soil carbon pools and carbon management index under different land use systems in the Central Himalayan region
Abstract We investigated different land use and cropping systems in the Almora region of Central Himalaya to assess total organic carbon (TOC), microbial biomass carbon (MBC), particulate organicExpand
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Lectotypification and notes on the identity of Christisonia calcarata ( Orobanchaceae )
The root parasitic species of Christisonia Gardner (Orobanchaceae) are lectotypified. After screening of herbarium specimens and the results of field expeditions, the morphological characters andExpand
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The application of hemp (Cannabissativa L.) for a green economy: a review
The concern for the issues related to the growing needs of human civilization like resource depletion, pollution, climate changes, and health risk has led to a search for eco-friendly alternatives toExpand
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Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of seed extracts of Annona squamosa L. and Azadirachta indica
Annona squamosa L., and Azadirachta indica belongs to the family Annonaceae and Meliaceae commonly known as custard apple and neem respectively. A comparative antimicrobial activity of extracts of A.Expand
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Surface mediated Ca-phosphate biomineralization and characterization of the historic lime mortar, Janjira Sea Fort, India
Abstract The role of microbes in strengthening the ancient lime mortar has not been thoroughly explored so far. The main objective of this research is to study the formation of Ca-phosphate surfaceExpand
Spectroscopic and chromatographic investigation of the wall painted surfaces of an 18th century Indian temple, New Delhi
Abstract Understanding and building knowledge about color pigments, their history and development have always been a matter of great interest through scientific exploration in the complex system ofExpand
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Execution technique and pigment characteristics of decorative wall from 17th CE Chatta Chowk, Red Fort Complex, New Delhi
The decorative wall painting from 17 th CE Chatta Chowk was investigated to study the composition and characteristics of the pigment used in the decorative arts. The pigments were examined by thinExpand