Rajdeep Singh Chauhan

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This project studies and identifies the PSK-based digital modulation scheme (BPSK, QPSK or GMSK) that gives the best BER performance in a multipath fading environment using computer simulation (MATLAB). Each PSK-based digital modulation are modeled and simulated under different channel conditions. Subsequently, a comparison study is carried out to obtain(More)
This paper deals with the performance analysis of the screening unit in a paper plant using Genetic Algorithm. The screening unit in the paper plant has four main subsystems. These subsystems are arranged in series and parallel configurations. Considering exponential distribution for the probable failures and repairs, the mathematical formulation of the(More)
Aconitum balfourii (Bruhl) Muk. (Ranunculaceae) is an endangered medicinal plant. Natural populations were surveyed in the northwest Himalaya for population estimation and evaluation of elite germplasm. Vegetation sampling of quadrats was conducted using the vertical belt transect method in areas supporting A. balfourii. Plant density and relative dominance(More)
The friction drive speed reducer proposed by Flugrad and Qamhiyah in 2005 was mainly investigated in this paper. That self actuating traction drive uses six intermediate cylindrical rollers to transmit motion. Those rollers fail by fatigue. So, this research built a numerical simulation model to find the optimum size of those rollers which give the least(More)
The entropy vector is used to identify the homogeneity between the regions but in this proposed approach we are using a wavelet inspired segmented approach for the region match so that more clearly differentiate the homogenous and heterogeneous regions over the image. In this existing work, the K-means clustering is used as the initial classification and(More)
Detailed analysis based on histogram stretching for image contrast adjustment has been performed. However unprocessed image includes unwanted noise which needs to be reduced for performing the stretching accurately. The level of noise reduction greatly effects the contrast adjustment and varies from images to images depending on the intensity of noise(More)
Flooding is a phenomenon used in adhoc networks to get the information about the other nodes in the network. Whenever the topology in adhoc network changes the node has to perform the flooding technique to get the shortest path for neighborhood nodes. By using this technique, the information seeking packets from the source nodes are sent to all the other(More)
Hyperspectral images (HSIs) has become very popular area of research. This paper deals with the compression and classification of Hyperspectral images using Discrete Wavelet Technique in conjunction with Non negative Tucker Decomposition. This algorithm exploits both the spectral and the spatial information of the images. The core idea behind the proposed(More)