Rajdeep Saha

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Soybean–wheat cropping system is predominant in vertisols of central India. Long-term field experiment was conducted to assess the effect of four tillage systems [conventional tillage (CT), mouldboard tillage (MB), reduced tillage (RT) and no tillage (NT)] and three rates of fertilizer N (50, 100 and 150 % of recommended fertilizer) on crop yields, root(More)
We report the results of several experiments isolating the effect of long-range order on mechanical properties of intermetallic compounds. Kinetically disordered FCC Ni3Al (Ni 76%) thin films were produced by rapid solidification following pulsed laser melting. For comparison, compositionally and microstructurally identical films with ordered L12 structure(More)
Mode hopping in external-cavity AlGaAs diode lasers has been studied experimentally. Its dependence on the amount of feedback and the external-cavity round-trip phase has been studied. The results are compared with the predictions of potential well models. As the feedback is increased the results differ considerably from this theory. A qualitative treatment(More)
A general coherent control scenario to suppress or accelerate tunneling of quantum states decaying into a continuum is investigated. The method is based on deterministic, or stochastic, sequences of unitary pulses that affect the underlying interference phenomena responsible for quantum dynamics, without inducing decoherence, or collapsing the coherent(More)
Non-Gaussian random-matrix ensembles are important in many applications. We propose Monte Carlo and Langevin methods for generating non-Gaussian ensembles and their eigenvalue spectra. We also provide a general framework for analytic studies of the level density in these ensembles. We show that, in general, the level densities exhibit banded spectra, with(More)
Soil cracks are a unique feature of black vertisols. Evaporation loss is inevitable from lateral exposure of surface and sub-surface cracks. On the other hand, these cracks provide increased opportunity for soils to recharge during the rainy season. In this process, water that drains into larger size cracks moves down the soil profile and eventually results(More)
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