Rajdeep Mondal

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Numerical Linear Algebra (NLA) kernels are at the heart of all computational problems. These kernels require hardware acceleration for increased throughput. NLA Solvers for dense and sparse matrices differ in the way the matrices are stored and operated upon although they exhibit similar computational properties. While ASIC solutions for NLA Solvers can(More)
Flexibility in implementation of the underlying field algebra kernels often dictates the life-span of an Elliptic Curve Cryptography solution. The systems/methods designed to realize binary field arithmetic operations can be tuned either for performance or for flexibility. Usually flexibility of these solutions adversely affects their performance. For(More)
This paper presents a new scheme of Dynamic State Estimation (DSE) employing three parameter exponential smoothing technique to depict the time evolution of the power system states at the prediction step. To resolve the filtering problem it utilizes the efficient Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). The proposed scheme of DSE has been tested on IEEE 5-bus, 14-bus,(More)
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