Rajdeep Bhowmik

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This paper analyzes structured P2P systems where peers choose both their interaction mode, i.e., how they process incoming queries, and additional contacts in the network autonomously. Since additional contacts incur additional costs, a new kind of free riding behavior, namely having only few contacts, comes into the fray. We refer to it as deliberately(More)
There is a critical need to design and develop tools that abstract away the fundamental complexity of XML based Web services specifications and toolkits, and provide an elegant, intuitive, simple, and powerful query based invocation system to end users. Web services based tools and standards have been designed to facilitate seamless integration and(More)
If the model of free-form queries, which has proved successful for HTML based search on the Web, is made available for Grid services, it will serve as a powerful tool for scientists to retrieve information on resources, monitoring, replica location sets, and meta-data on scientific data sets, etc., in a seamless manner. To enable this vision, there is a(More)