Rajbir Parmar

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Integrated environmental modeling (IEM) includes interdependent science-based components that comprise an appropriate software modeling system and are responsible for consuming and producing information as part of the system, but moving information from one component to another (i.e., interoperability) is the responsibility of the IEM software system. We(More)
We demonstrate a novel, spatially explicit assessment of the current condition of aquatic ecosystem services, with limited sensitivity analysis for the atmospheric contaminant mercury. The Integrated Ecological Modeling System (IEMS) forecasts water quality and quantity, habitat suitability for aquatic biota, fish biomasses, population densities,(More)
Integrated Environmental Modeling (IEM) organizes multidisciplinary knowledge that explains and predicts environmental-system response to stressors. A Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) is an approach integrating a range of disparate data (fate/transport, exposure, and human health effects relationships) to characterize potential health(More)
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