Rajat Mishra

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An important decision in software projects is when to stop testing. Decision support tools for this have been built using causal models represented by Bayesian Networks (BNs), incorporating empirical data and expert judgement. Previously, this required a custom BN for each development lifecycle. We describe a more general approach that allows causal models(More)
This dissertation attempts to evaluate the performance of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based security mechanisms proposed to secure the messages exchanged in vehicular networks, and the performance of communication considering the various overheads of security. Vehicular networks are not expected to guarantee on-demand connectivity between the(More)
Although a number of approaches have been taken to quality prediction for software, none have achieved widespread applicability. Our aim here is to produce a single method to combine the diverse forms of, often causal, evidence available in software development in a more natural and efficient way than done previously. We use graphical probability models(More)
First principles physics models are generally used in system identification of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). These models, through different parameters, capture the effects of hydrodynamics, inertial weight and other important characteristics. Due to the large number of parameters, which can number to hundreds, it is difficult to estimate such(More)
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