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The cytoplasm of a living cell is crowded with several macromolecules of different shapes and sizes. Molecular diffusion in such a medium becomes anomalous due to the presence of macromolecules and diffusivity is expected to decrease with increase in macromolecular crowding. Moreover, many cellular processes are dependent on molecular diffusion in the cell(More)
Quorum-sensing systems mediate chemical communication between bacterial cells, coordinating cell-density-dependent processes like biofilm formation and virulence-factor expression. In the proteobacterial LuxI/LuxR quorum sensing paradigm, a signaling molecule generated by an enzyme (LuxI) diffuses between cells and allosterically stimulates a(More)
This paper presents a single phase five level photovoltaic (PV) inverter topology for grid connected PV systems with a novel Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) control scheme. Two reference signals identical to each other with an offset equivalent to the amplitude of the triangular carrier signal were used to generate PWM signals for the switches. A digital(More)
Synthetic biologists engineer systems with desired properties from simple and well-characterized biological parts. Among the most popular and versatile parts are tunable promoters and the transcription factors (TFs) that regulate them. Individual TFs can transduce physical or chemical signals to regulate gene expression; networks of TFs regulating each(More)
The DC-DC boost converter reveals highly non-linear and non-minimum phase properties, is very difficult task to design a controller that is healthy against load variation. For this purpose a Fuzzy PID Controller is proposed to control DC-DC boost converter which has a practical inductor and a series resistance. A balancing ProportionalIntegral-Differential(More)
To study a biological phenomenon such as finding mechanism of disease, common methodology is to generate the microarray data in different relevant conditions and find groups of genes co-expressed across conditions from such data. These groups might enable us to find biological processes involved in a disease condition. However, more detailed understanding(More)
Metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes are diseases which develop gradually over time through the perturbations of biological processes. These perturbed biological processes usually work in an interdependent way. Systematic experiments tracking disease progression at gene level are usually conducted through a temporal microarray data. There is a(More)
Metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes are nowadays regarded as diseases affecting majority of population. These diseases develop gradually over time in an individual. Recently, systematic experiments tracking disease progression are conducted giving a high-throughput complex data. There is a pressing need for developing methods to analyze this(More)
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