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SQL Injection (SQLI) is a quotidian phenomenon in the field of network security. It is a potent and effective way of intruding into secured databases thereby jeopardizing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in them. SQL Injection works by inserting malicious queries into legal queries thereby rendering it increasingly arduous for(More)
Emerging technologies of semi-structured data have attracted wide attention of networks, e-commerce, information retrieval and databases. In these applications, the data are modeled not as static collections but as transient data streams, where the data source is an unbounded stream of individual data items. It is becoming increasingly popular to send(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Network [MANET] is a network that changes location and organize itself on the fly. The low resource availability demands efficient utilization and motivates optimal routing. This paper introduces an Improved AODV (I-AODV) protocol which considers the location and energy of nodes. Route discovery area is restricted based on the source and(More)
Prediction and diagnosis of cancer is very important and crucial task in healthcare industry. Cancer is of the leading cause of death globally so it is very essential to detect and predict it at very initial stage. In this paper we presented an overview of all the existing techniques to detect lung cancer at initial stage. Data Mining and Image processing(More)
The rapid progress of network and storage technologies has led to a huge amount of electronic data such as webpages and XML data has been available on intra and internet. These electronic data are heterogeneous collection of ill-structured data that have no rigid structure, and are often called semi-structure data. These semi-structured data are stored in(More)
The pervasive use of mobile handheld devices popularize Mobile Ad Hoc Network which do not require wired infrastructure for communication. Retaining energy of the network requires QoS routing. The process of flooding route request packets while establishing path is inevitable and it consumes lot of network resources. On Demand Multipath routing is the most(More)
XML is recognized as a standard for data storage and exchange for web applications. This is because it has certain unique features like it is self describing, extensible and it is stored in the form of text document. In spite of all these unique features XML has an inherent limitation of verbosity. Because of the strong presence of XML in database(More)
A novel scheme for the embedding XML file in a 24-bit BMP color image using steganographic technique is presented in this paper. The lab color space is used instead of the RGB color space which is found to be more suitable for watermarking application. The XML file that is to be embedded is encrypted by providing a password and decrypted during watermark(More)
Data clustering forms a major part of an important aspect of big data analytics. Data Clustering helps to categorize the data, which further leads to recognize hidden patterns. K-means is one such clustering algorithm which is well known for its simple computation and also the capability of being executed in parallel. Big data analytics requires distributed(More)