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In this paper we address the problem of extracting the focused region and its use in retrieving similar images from a low depth of field image database. We compute the histogram of the local contrast at each pixel and model it as a mixture of two exponential distributions – one for the focused and the other for the defocused region. Unlike the mixture of(More)
In this paper we propose a geometry-based image retrieval scheme that makes use of projectively invariant features. Cross-ratio (CR) is an invariant feature under projective transformations for collinear points. We compute the CRs of point sets in quadruplets and the CR histogram is used as the feature for retrieval purposes. Being a geometric feature, it(More)
A mathematical model for the flow of human blood through an artery bifurcation is studied using finite element analysis (FEA). The FEA has been applied for a two-dimensional steady flow of an in-viscous fluid through different geometries. The flow through a two-dimensional model of a carotid artery bifurcation has been simulated. The velocity profiles(More)
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