Rajasekhar Prattipati

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We tested the concept of combining DNA with protein to improve anti-HIV Env systemic and mucosal humoral immune responses. Rhesus macaques were vaccinated with DNA, DNA&protein co-immunization or DNA prime followed by protein boost, and the magnitude and mucosal dissemination of the antibody responses were monitored in both plasma and mucosal secretions. We(More)
We evaluated the immunogenicity and efficacy of Vaxfectin(®) adjuvanted SIV DNA vaccines in mice and macaques. Vaccination of mice with Vaxfectin(®) adjuvanted SIV gag DNA induced higher humoral immune responses than administration of unadjuvanted DNA, whereas similar levels of cellular immunity were elicited. Vaxfectin(®) adjuvanted SIVmac251 gag and env(More)
Background Recent studies of antibodies in human plasma from infected and immunized individuals revealed an important role of the V1V2 region of the gp120 protein in immune response. The function of V1V2-specific antibodies and their potential in blocking the HIV-1 infection are still not well established. In this study we present data about the appearance(More)
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