Rajasekhar Allu

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Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) enables capturing images with extreme light variations within them. Typically, image sensor manufactures enable WDR using their proprietary techniques consisting of actual physical capture method as well as transmission format. This poses extreme challenge for interfacing Image Signal Processor (ISP) as complexity grows(More)
Imaging Sub-system (ISS) enables capturing photographs or live video from raw image sensors. This consists of a set of sensor interfaces and cascaded set of algorithms to improve image/video quality. This paper illustrates typical imaging sub-system architectures consisting of a Sensor front end, an Image Signal Processor (ISP) and an Image Co-processor(More)
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) enhance the ability of a vehicle driver to avoid possible road accidents resulting in a safer driving experience. Front camera ADAS is probably the most challenging of all. These systems require high computational processing, in the range of hundreds of GOPS, within a 4 Watt power budget driven by thermal(More)
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to increase driver's situational awareness and road safety by providing essential information, warning and automatic intervention to reduce the possibility/severity of an accident. Front Camera (FC) based ADAS system uses computer vision based techniques to detect obstacles (e.g. pedestrian, cyclist(More)
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