Rajarshi Mukherjee

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In order to maintain performance per Watt in microprocessors, there is a shift towards the chip level multiprocessing paradigm. Microprocessor manufacturers are experimenting with tens of cores, forecasting the arrival of hundreds of cores per single processor die in the near future. With such large-scale integration and increasing power densities, thermal(More)
In this paper, we present multiple error diagnosis algorithms to overcome two significant problems associated with current error diagnosis techniques targeting large circuits: their use of limited error models and a lack of solutions that scale well for multiple errors. Our solution is based on a non-enumerative analysis technique, based on logic simulation(More)
Modern high performance processors employ advanced techniques for thermal management, which rely on accurate readings of on-die thermal sensors. As the importance of thermal effects on reliability and performance of integrated circuits increases careful planning and embedding of thermal monitoring mechanisms into these systems will be crucial. Systematic(More)
High-performance microprocessor families employ dynamic-thermal-management techniques to cope with the increasing thermal stress resulting from peaking power densities. These techniques operate on feedback generated from on-die thermal sensors. The allocation and the placement of thermal-sensing elements directly impact the effectiveness of the dynamic(More)
With large-scale integration and increasing power densities, thermal management has become an important tool to maintain performance and reliability in modern process technologies. In the core of dynamic thermal management schemes lies accurate reading of on-die temperatures. Therefore, careful planning and embedding of thermal monitoring mechanisms into(More)
Thermal monitoring of a design plays a vital role to ensure safe and reliable thermal operating conditions. Thermal monitoring by employing thermal sensors is a popular technique for assessing thermal behavior and providing directives for run-time preventive measures. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) offer a wide range of functionalities and therefore(More)
Although oxidative stress has been strongly implicated in the development of acute pancreatitis (AP), antioxidant therapy in patients has so far been discouraging. The aim of this study was to assess potential protective effects of a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, MitoQ, in experimental AP using in vitro and in vivo approaches. MitoQ blocked(More)
Design verification poses a very practical problem during circuit synthesis. Learning based verification techniques prove to be an attractive option for verifying two circuits with internal gates having simple functional relationships. We present a verification method which employs a learning technique based on symbolic manipulation and which can more(More)
Physical phenomena such as temperature have an increasingly important role in performance and reliability of modern process technologies. This trend will only strengthen with future generations. Attempts to minimize the design effort required for reaching closure in reliability and performance constraints are agreeing on the fact that higher levels of(More)