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Micropropagation and in vitro flowering of endemic and endangered plant Ceropegia attenuata Hook
Factors affecting in vitro propagation were evaluated for Ceropegia attenuata Hook., an endemic and endangered plant having ornamental potential but a limited reproductive capacity. Rapid shootExpand
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In-Vitro Seed Germination and Effect of Growth Regulators on Subsequent Development of Protocorms of Eulophia Nuda Lindl
Asymbiotic seed germination of Eulophia nuda Lindl. was observed on Knudson C medium. About 90% seeds germinated within 8-10 weeks and formed green protocorms in 11-12 weeks. Effect of BA and IBA wasExpand
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An efficient in vitro regeneration of Ceropegia noorjahaniae: an endemic and critically endangered medicinal herb of the Western Ghats
An efficient protocol was developed for the rapid in vitro multiplication of an endemic and critically endangered medicinal herb, Ceropegia noorjahaniae Ans., via enhanced axillary bud proliferationExpand
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Lectotypification and notes on the identity of Christisonia calcarata ( Orobanchaceae )
The root parasitic species of Christisonia Gardner (Orobanchaceae) are lectotypified. After screening of herbarium specimens and the results of field expeditions, the morphological characters andExpand
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A New Species of Murdannia Royle (Commelinaceae) from Northern Western Ghats of India
A new species of Murdannia Royle (Commelinaceae), Murdannia brownii Nandikar & Gurav, is described and illustrated from northern Western Ghats of India. It differs from allied M. versicolor (Dalzell)Expand
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Murdannia saddlepeakensis (Commelinaceae) – a new species from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Abstract Murdannia saddlepeakensis (Commelinaceae), a new species from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, is described and illustrated. The new species is remarkable for its narrowly linearExpand
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Total phenolics, flavonoids content and antioxidant activities of some Eulophia species
The aim of the study was to determine total phenolics, flavonoid contents and antioxidant activity in some Eulophia species (Orchidaceae). Rhizomes of Eulophia species viz. E. nuda, E. ochreata, E.Expand
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Karyotype studies in Mucuna macrocarpa Wall and Mucuna sanjappae Aitawade et Yadav (Fabaceae) from India
The genus Mucuna Adans. is represented by 100 species distributed in the world tropics (Lackey 1981; Mabberley 2005). India is one of the natural center of origin of Mucuna. Up to now there are 11Expand
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Rediscovery, after over a century, of the endemic climbing vine Argyreia lawii (Convolvulaceae) from the Western Ghats of India
Argyreia lawii C.B. Clarke, an endemic to Western Ghats of India is reported here as an after century collection. Detailed description and photo plates are given for easy identification and IUCNExpand