Rajankumar M. Bhatt

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ii To my family Pappa, Mom, Bhai, Bhabhi and Vrusti iii Acknowledgements I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to my advisor, Dr. Venkat Krovi, for giving me an opportunity to work under him. He was not only my mentor but also a friend and on occasions, a guardian guiding me through whenever I needed the most. His excellence in the field and(More)
Mobile manipulators derive significant novel capabilities for enhanced interactions with the world by merging mobility with manipulation. However, a careful resolution of the redundancy and active control of the reconfigurability, created by the surplus articulated degrees-of-freedom and actuation, is the key to unlocking this potential. Nonholonomic(More)
DECEMBER 2006 « IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS MAGAZINE 127 DynaFlexPro (DFP), released in the middle of 2005 by MotionPro, Inc., and currently in version 2.2.8, is marketed by MapleSoft, Inc., of Waterloo, Ontario [1]. DFP is a Maple toolbox that allows control engineers to symbolically create mathematical models for analyzing the dynamic behavior of large(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of three different path tracking control laws for the formation of a group of nonholonomic mobile robots. By introducing a unified error of the formation and trajectory tracking using; the dynamic feedback linearization control [1], dynamic-static feedback linearization control [2] and nonlinear time-invariant control(More)
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