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Noise is a pervasive aspect of many modern communities, work environments and its damaging effects, particularly the production of free radicals are not limited to the auditory organ. The oxidative stress in three discrete brain regions, in wistar strain male albino rats subjected to three different durations of noise exposures (acute, sub-acute and chronic(More)
The alteration in the levels of plasma corticosterone, brain norepinephrine (NE), and expression of brain heat shock proteins (Hsp70) after different durations of noise exposure (acute, 1 day; sub-acute, 15 days; chronic, 30 days) has been studied to analyze their role in combating time-dependent stress effects of noise. Broadband white noise (100dB)(More)
  • Ontario Ottawa, Canada, Andrew J Hutton, Stephanie Donovan, Linux Symposium, C Craig Ross +15 others
  • 2003
Authors retain copyright to all submitted papers, but have granted unlimited redistribution rights to all as a condition of submission. Abstract Coverage analysis measures how much of the target code is run during a test and is a useful mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of a system test or benchmark. In order to improve the quality of the Linux®(More)
Commercial Cache-Coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access (ccNUMA) systems often require extensive investments in hardware design and operating system support. A different approach to building these systems is to use Standard High Volume (SHV) hardware and stock software components as building blocks and assemble them together with minimal investments in hardware(More)
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