Rajamani Sundar

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A deque with heap order is a linear list of elements with real-valued keys which allows insertions and deletions of elements at both ends of the list. It also allows the ndmin (equivalently ndmax) operation, which returns the element of least (greatest) key, but it does not allow a general deletemin (deletemax) operation. Such a data structure is also(More)
Given an ordered universe U, we study the problem of representing each subset of U by a unique binary search tree so that dictionary operations can be performed efficiently. While efficient randomized solutions to the problem are known, its deterministic complexity has remained unexplored. We exhibit representations that permit the execution of dictionary(More)
We study lazy structure sharing as a tool for optimizing equivalence testing on complex data types. We investigate a number of strategies for a restricted case of the problem and provide upper and lower bounds on their performance (how quickly they eect ideal congurations of our data structure). In most cases, the bounds provide nontrivial improvements over(More)
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