Rajalakshmi Praveen

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BACKGROUND The metabolic syndrome (MetS) and cognitive impairments are common in schizophrenia. Both are associated with poor outcomes, which have received increasing medical and mental health attention. Whether MetS is associated with impaired cognitive functions in schizophrenia has not been thoroughly addressed. The aim of this study was to compare the(More)
Ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD) are considered to be immunologically mediated disorders that share certain features with murine models of colitis. Whether any of these models are physiologically relevant to the human condition remains controversial. The hypothesis is that increased amounts of antibodies neutralizing transforming growth(More)
Human intestinal CD3+TCRalphabeta+CD8+ intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) are intimately associated with epithelial cells (ECs) through binding of CD103 to E-cadherin. How these two cell types functionally interact is largely unknown. IEL-EC cross talk was determined using HT-29 cells as the model EC and IL-8 as the readout. IL-8 was derived from both cell(More)
Successful root canal therapy requires an accurate diagnosis and management of complex root canal morphology. Although the occurrence of three root canals in maxillary and mandibular premolars is very rare, the clinician must be able to identify it clinically and radiographically to make the necessary changes in his shaping and obturation techniques. We(More)
UNLABELLED Dental erosion currently stands as a great challenge for the clinician, regarding the diagnosis, identification of the etiological factors, prevention and execution of an adequate treatment. AIMS To evaluate the prevalence, severity, and associated factors on dental erosion in 11-16-years old. STUDY DESIGN A cross sectional study was(More)
BACKGROUND Variations in the structure of teeth have always been a great curiosity to the dentist from the scientific and practical point of view. AIM To evaluate the prevalence of a few aberrant morphological features namely, cusp of Carabelli in primary maxillary second molar and in permanent first molar, five cusp in primary maxillary second molar and(More)
INTRODUCTION Molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH) describes the clinical picture of hypomineralization of systemic origin affecting one or more first permanent molar. There is a rarity of prevalence studies in Indian population. OBJECTIVES The main aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of MIH in a population of South Indian children. (More)
INTRODUCTION The present clinical trial aimed to evaluate and compare the effect of a single pretreatment dose of ketorolac (20 mg), prednisolone (30 mg), and placebo on postendodontic pain in patients undergoing endodontic therapy for irreversible pulpitis or pulpal necrosis using a visual analog scale. METHODS Ninety-two subjects were included in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Variations in the structure of teeth have always been of great interest to the dentist from the scientific as well as practical point of view. Additionally, ever since decades inter trait relationships have been a useful means to categorize populations to which an individual belongs. AIM To determine the association between Cusp of Carabelli(More)
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