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The problem of machine ethics in artificial intelligence
The advent of the intelligent robot has occupied a significant position in society over the past decades and has given rise to new issues in society. As we know, the primary aim of artificialExpand
A Critique of the Mechanistic Theory of Mind
Philosophy of artificial intelligence : a critique of the mechanistic theory of mind / Rajakishore Nath. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The book is my PhDExpand
Can naturalism explain consciousness? A critique
The problem of consciousness is one of the most important problems both in cognitive science and in philosophy. Expand
Machine intelligence (MI), competence and creativity
In mid-twentieth century, the hypothesis, ‘a machine can think’ established the foundations of machine intelligence (MI), and claimed that machines have consciousness and creativity, with the power to compete with human beings. Expand
Can Ethics Be Without Ontology? Wittgenstein and Putnam
Putnam has given a different twist to the ethical issues in his philosophical writing on ethics. In his book on ‘Ethics Without Ontology,’ he has given the different interpretation to the ethicalExpand
Wittgenstein on Public Language About Personal Experiences
In this paper, we would like to discuss Wittgenstein’s critique of the idea that a person’s experiences are necessarily private, and these experiences can only be expressible in a private language.Expand
The Meaning of Life in Indian Philosophy: A Contemporary Reconstruction
In this paper, I would like to discuss the meaning of life in Indian philosophy. All Indian philosophies are philosophies of life. Indian philosophy is not merely an intellectual activity but hasExpand
Unit-2 Philosophical Implications
Consciousness is the Concomitance of Life
The mystery of consciousness is among the most important questions pondered upon, not only in philosophy but also in the cognitive science, psychology, neurobiology and other sciences. The problem ofExpand
Unit-4 Mind and Computers