Rajah Rasiah

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BACKGROUND Cardiovascular disease (CVD) related deaths is not only the prime cause of mortality in the world, it has also continued to increase in the low and middle income countries. Hence, this study examines the relationship between CVD risk factors and socioeconomic variables in Malaysia, which is a rapidly growing middle income nation undergoing(More)
A sample of Malaysians in the Klang Valley indicating their decision on becoming unrelated living kidney donors was surveyed regarding huge amounts of financial incentives to be rewarded to them. From the 1310 respondents, 72.1% said "no" on becoming a living donor. The reason "I don't think humans can live with only one kidney" scored the highest (35.6%),(More)
The growing shortage in human organs has raised serious concerns. To address this problem, we examine in this article the association between demographic and socioeconomic factors, and respondents' willingness to donate cadaveric organs using a large survey of Malaysian adults aged 18 years and above.A convenience sampling method was used to extract(More)
This paper seeks to compare the export and technological capabilities generated by foreign and local electronics firms in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, and to explain their determinants. FDI has been the key driver of electronics exports in all three economies. While the data available prevented an assessment of the role of FDI in technology diffusion(More)
Using two MNC dominated electronics clusters in Malaysia, this paper examines the development of human capital from two knowledge and skills acquisition modes – formal education and learning by performing which were dominant in the successful evolution of industrial districts. Ineffective systemic coordination throughout the country from federal(More)
This paper seeks to examine the drivers of R&D collaboration between firms and universities and research institutes using a sample of automotive, biotechnology and electronics firms from Malaysia. The Probit regression results indicate that R&D intensity, openness to R&D as measured by partner diversity, access to wider range of channels of information, and(More)
Rapid industrialisation in Asia is generating significant new demand for raw materials and pressure on local, regional and global environments. In the future these demands and pressures are expected to increase markedly. Informing these concerns are models of development that assume that economic growth follows a pattern leading to a convergence between the(More)