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We have previously demonstrated that the asthma-associated proinflammatory eicosanoid leukotriene D4 (LTD4) is co-mitogenic with insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) in airway smooth-muscle (ASM) cells in vitro. This synergistic effect of LTD4 and IGF on ASM cell growth involves proteolysis of ASM-produced IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs), which are cell(More)
A newly described organism called CLB (coccidian-like or cyanobacterium-like body) has been identified in cases of prolonged diarrhoea. To confirm an association of CLB with disease and identify risk factors for transmission, we conducted a case-control study of travellers and foreign residents at two outpatient clinics in Kathmandu, Nepal. Patients without(More)
Cyclospora is a coccidian (previously referred to as cyanobacterium-like bodies) that has been implicated in cases of prolonged diarrhoea. The average duration of symptoms is more than three weeks, and no specific treatment has been shown to shorten the illness. A case report suggested that co-trimoxazole may be effective. Expatriate persons with(More)
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common proliferative disorder of unknown etiology. We have previously documented that the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) axis is critical for prostate cell growth and is abnormal in BPH. The type 1 IGF receptor (IGF-1R) is constitutively expressed by most body tissues and plays a significant role in regulating cell(More)
The Pharmacists have a very important role in protecting the health of the customers through proper dispensing of drugs and providing better services. But the errors made in processing prescriptions are growing with the increasing prescriptions. In this scenario we made an attempt to measure the quality of services provided by pharmacists. CFA (Confirmatory(More)
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