Rajagopal Chadalavada

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Although esophageal lengthening procedures (Collis gastroplasty) have been recommended as an adjunct to antireflux surgery in patients with shortened esophagus, there are few data on physiologic outcomes in these patients. This study details the long-term outcomes in patients who underwent antireflux surgery with Collis gastroplasty. All patients undergoing(More)
Internal thermal sclerostomy (ITS) was performed unilaterally in 35 adult New Zealand rabbits using a pinpoint bipolar cautery probe and radio-frequency power supply, with the nonoperated eyes serving as controls. Standard trabeculectomy using a limbal-based flap was also performed on 10 additional rabbits, and served as a second bench mark for comparison(More)
Background: Transoral endoluminal gastroplasty (EG) by the Bard Endocinch device is available for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This study assessed the early (≤12 months) outcomes in patients undergoing EG performed by one gastroenterologist compared with another set of patients referred by the same gastroenterologist for(More)
Protein calorie malnutrition (PCM) is a well-known complication of chronic liver disease (CLD). A major contribution to PCM in CLD is restriction of dietary protein intake. After many decades of injudicious reduction in dietary protein, cirrhotic patients are now prescribed appropriate amounts of protein. PCM in CLD is known to be associated with(More)
testinal metaplasia in any of our patients, in contrast to the literature that suggests intestinal metaplasia and atrophy of gastric mucosa when exposed to bile acid (1, 2). Although we could not determine the duration and degree of DGR, this may be a factor in the development of intestinal metaplasia or atrophy. The effect of UDCA on DGR gastritis and(More)
Reproducible results in refractive keratectomy are greatly influenced by an accurate setting of the diamond knife blade length. In this study, we evaluated the accuracy and reproducibility of three existing techniques of blade calibration: the KOI coin gauge, the KOI diamond knife handle micrometer, and the Magnum optical micrometer. Serial blade length(More)
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