Rajab Khalilpour

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Numerous reasons including lower carbon and sulfur emissions have led to the rapid growth of natural gas (NG) demand. However, more than one-third of world NG reserves are stranded, i.e., either remote (e.g., offshore) or in regions with saturated markets. This reality makes the investment decisions complex and uncertain for NG field developers. In this(More)
Coastal marine waters are ranked among the most important aquatic ecosystems on earth in terms of ecological and economic significance. Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have drastically changed coastal marine ecosystems. The development of rules and regulations to protect these ecosystems against human activities requires availability of(More)
This study proposes a strategy for optimal design of hollow fiber membrane networks for post combustion carbon capture from power plant multicomponent flue gas. A mathematical model describing multicomponent gas permeation through a separation membrane was customized into the flowsheet modeling package ASPEN PLUS. An N-stage membrane network superstructure(More)
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