Rajab Challoo

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This paper first presents a discussion of the reasoning and method for combining neural networks and fuzzy logic. The problem of moving a robotic arm in the presence of an obstacle is discussed. Several neuro-fuzzy controllers are trained using sample data obtained from a human's control of a robotic arm. Their performance is quantified and compared. It is(More)
This study aims to apply Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) to a mobile robot making it capable of traversing an unknown environment and mapping it while looking for the target. We have implemented a mixture of Antibody-Antibody (Ab-Ab) interaction algorithm coupled with negative selection algorithms to develop the proposed AIS controller. We have also(More)
Accurate 3-D mapping of multiple bioelectric sources in nerve fibers with high spatial resolution is challenging for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of neural abnormalities. Ultrasound current source density imaging exploits the acoustoelectric (AE) effect, an interaction between electrical current and acoustic pressure waves propagating through a(More)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have seen increased use in indoor operation with applications to disaster recovery, inspection in manufacturing industry, and in health care system. For this reason, it is necessary to develop an obstacle avoidance scheme for UAVs flying under limited altitude. This work is focused on multi obstacle avoidance for quadcopter(More)