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This paper first presents a discussion of the reasoning and method for combining neural networks and fuzzy logic. The problem of moving a robotic arm in the presence of an obstacle is discussed. Several neuro-fuzzy controllers are trained using sample data obtained from a human's control of a robotic arm. Their performance is quantified and compared. It is(More)
This study aims to apply Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) to a mobile robot making it capable of traversing an unknown environment and mapping it while looking for the target. We have implemented a mixture of Antibody-Antibody (Ab-Ab) interaction algorithm coupled with negative selection algorithms to develop the proposed AIS controller. We have also(More)
Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) have gained a lot of attention from both academic and industry due to its immense potential in revolutionizing the vehicular communication industry. VANETs facilitate vehicles to share safety and non-safety information through messages. Safety information includes road accidents, natural hazards, road blocks etc.(More)
In this paper, a new method for fingerprint recognition with wavelet transform and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is developed using MatLab. Fingerprint images used for this purpose are taken in grey-scale without any pre-processing (i.e., smoothing, minutiae extraction, ridge thinning and ridge segmentation). Fingerprint images are chosen in such a way(More)
Accurate 3-D mapping of multiple bioelectric sources in nerve fibers with high spatial resolution is challenging for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of neural abnormalities. Ultrasound current source density imaging exploits the acoustoelectric (AE) effect, an interaction between electrical current and acoustic pressure waves propagating through a(More)