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Fractal analysis has been shown to be useful in image processing for characterizing shape and gray-scale complexity. The fractal feature is a compact descriptor used to give a numerical measure of the degree of irregularity of the medical images. This descriptor property does not give ownership of the local image structure. In this paper, we present a(More)
3D scene based objects detection and tracking is a central problem in many intelligent transportation applications. Dynamic stereo vision is the known approach to solve this problem. It consists in detecting and tracking objects from their reconstructed features using stereo images. This paper proposes a new method for detecting and tracking objects using(More)
Medical image segmentation is a technique using to mean manually, fully or semi-automatically delineating the boundaries of tissue regions or an object. This paper presents a robust segmentation approach for medical image texture using multifractal analysis. The goal is to segment the images with respect to their characteristics such as bone and tissue(More)
In this paper, we present a novel strategy for roof segmentation from aerial images (orthophotoplans) based on the cooperation of edge- and region-based segmentation methods. The proposed strategy is composed of three major steps. The first one, called the pre-processing step, consists of simplifying the acquired image with an appropriate couple of(More)
This paper aims to build an analytical tools system for Learning Management Systems (LMS) that will aid and support teachers and administrators to understand and analyse interaction patterns and knowledge constructions of the participants involved in ongoing online interactions. Most LMS commercial or open source software does not include any tools for(More)
In this article, we describe a new approach for the support and monitoring of an online collaborative learning process. The developed system features determination of behavioral sociological profiles of learners from the automatic analysis of textual asynchronous communications. This paper defines first the sociological profiles used in this model then(More)