Raja Wasim Ahmad

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The latest developments in mobile computing technology have changed user preferences for computing. However, in spite of all the advancements in the recent years, Smart Mobile Devices (SMDs) are still low potential computing devices which are limited in memory capacity, CPU speed and battery power lifetime. Therefore, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) employs(More)
Modern Cloud Data Centers exploit virtualization for efficient resource management to reduce cloud computational cost and energy budget. Virtualization empowered by virtual machine (VM) migration meets the ever increasing demands of dynamic workload by relocating VMs within Cloud Data Centers. VM migration helps successfully achieve various resource(More)
Virtualization efficiently manages the ever-increasing demand for storage, computing, and networking resources in large-scale Cloud Data Centers. Virtualization attains multifarious resource management objectives including proactive server maintenance, load balancing, pervasive service availability, power management, and fault tolerance by virtual machine(More)
The latest developments in mobile computing technology have enabled intensive applications on the modern Smartphones. However, such applications are still constrained by limitations in processing potentials, storage capacity and battery lifetime of the Smart Mobile Devices (SMDs). Therefore, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) leverages the application processing(More)
Virtualization technology reduces cloud operational cost by increasing cloud resource utilization level. The incorporation of virtualization within cloud data centers can severely degrade cloud performance if not properly managed. Virtual machine (VM) migration is a method that assists cloud service providers to efficiently manage cloud resources while(More)