Raja Sunkara

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This article describes a methodology to model complex operation and process driven practices using a discrete event simulator. This level of detail in the model is critical for the analyses and design of complex operation and process driven dispatch policies in a semiconductor fab. The modeling of these practices is typically not a part of the general set(More)
Sentence similarity measure is an important concern for researchers for text retrieval in areas such as text mining, web information retrieval, decision making and question matching. Existing methods for computing sentence similarity have been adopted and derived from word similarity measure and concentrated on multidimensional space. In this proposed work,(More)
Certain classes of tools used in the semiconductor industry require the tools to be setup differently in order to process different types of products. In cases of large setup times, it is important to minimize the number of setup changes in order to improve the overall equipment utilization. Minimizing the number of setup changes needs to be balanced with(More)
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