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The Paper focuses about designing a solid state tuning fork gyroscope based on MEMS that gives accuracy and reliability and that can be commercially viable with cost effective. Also this project includes mathematical modelling in which energy and voltage can be calculated. By this voltage and energy we can also measured horizontal and vertical vibrations(More)
  • Sartaj Rasool Rather, Sunil Paul, +6 authors Sartaj Rasool
  • 2015
This study shows that replacing the traditional measure of asymmetry that is skewness in the inflation forecasting model with an alternative asymmetry measure that captures the joint influence of both skewness and variance on inflation significantly improves the forecast at various horizons. The empirical evidence suggests that it is more appropriate to use(More)
The literature review on agriculture-child nutrition linkage indicates that the evidence base is weak and inconclusive (Kadiyala et al., 2013). This paper explores the possible linkages between agricultural prosperity with rural child nutrition at the macro level, controlling for sanitation and safe drinking water, using panel data fixed effects and random(More)
A T -Direct code is defined as the set of T F -ary linear codes Γ1,Γ2, . . . ,ΓT such that Γi ∩ Γi = {0}, where Γi = Γ1 ⊕ Γ2⊕ · · · ⊕ Γi−1⊕ Γi+1 ⊕ · · · ⊕ ΓT is the dual of Γi with respect to the direct sum Λ = Γ1 ⊕ Γ2⊕ · · · ⊕ ΓT for each i = 1, 2, . . . , T . In this paper, a construction to a class of T -Direct codes with the constituent codes from the(More)
Background: Community pharmacists are healthcare professionals who play a major role in providing health care services. Continuing pharmacy education modules are designed to update the pharmacists' knowledge and skill to improve their practice. Objectives: This study was performed to evaluate the influence of continuing pharmacy education on pharmacist(More)
When it comes to measuring inflation persistence, a common practice in empirical research is to estimate univariate autoregressive moving average (ARMA) time series models and measure persistence as the sum of the estimated AR coefficients. We examine four potential sources of lag dynamics in inflation: the evolution of policymakers‟ willingness to(More)
We propose a new methodology to construct core inflation which is, unlike other conventional methods, not based on ad hoc elimination/trimming of prices. The underlying inflation derived from our method is found to be a powerful leading indicator of headline inflation while other conventional measures do not seem to reflect such fundamental property of core(More)
The economic value that biodiversity and ecosystems have is known to be very high. Despite this knowledge, we still find that there is large scale and significant loss of diversity of resources and ecosystems (CBD, 2010). This paper examines the economic significance of biological resources as relevant to various sectors, major drivers of loss of(More)
This study attempts to capture the impact of vertical and horizontal R and D spillovers across the supply chain. Empirical studies have captured vertical spillovers while finding the role of horizontal spillovers in R and D to be negligible, as the pool of accessible knowledge is the same for a cross section of firms within an industry. However, from a(More)
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