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Experimental mycotoxicoses was induced into broiler chickens by feeding 1 ppm afl atoxin (AF) and 20 ppm cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) from 0 to 28 days of age to evaluate the gross and histopathological changes. Grossly, AF and AF-CPA fed birds showed enlargement, yellowish discoloration of the liver while the CPA fed birds showed enlargement and congestion.(More)
BACKGROUND Diarrhoea and respiratory infections are the two biggest causes of child death globally. Handwashing with soap could substantially reduce diarrhoea and respiratory infections, but prevalence of adequate handwashing is low. We tested whether a scalable village-level intervention based on emotional drivers of behaviour, rather than knowledge, could(More)
BACKGROUND An intervention trial of the 'SuperAmma' village-level intervention to promote handwashing with soap (HWWS) in rural India demonstrated substantial increases in HWWS amongst the target population. We carried out a process evaluation to assess the implementation of the intervention and the evidence that it had changed the perceived benefits and(More)
aAQUA is an online multilingual, multimedia Question and Answer based community forum for disseminating information from and to the grassroots of the Indian Community. Arising out of this forum is development of content in one's local language. Additionally, the content is more participative and, therefore, more localized in terms of needs and requirements,(More)
adenocarcinoma in a guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)-a case report. Vet. ABSTRACT An adult guinea fowl maintained in the poultry farm of the institute died suddenly without manifesting any premonitory clinical signs. On necropsy, highly vascular pedunculated multiple growths were seen on the ovary. The growth, which originated from the ovary, was(More)
Doxorubicin (DOX) is a potent chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of a variety of human malignancies. Increasing oxidative stress appears to play a major model to increase free radical producing and decrease activities of endogenous antioxidant enzymes. The present study, the development of oxidative stress was prevented by using natural antioxidant(More)
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