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Trenimon was conjugated in active alkylating form to rabbit anti-mouse H6 hepatoma globulin (AHG) with retention of antibody activity. H6 hepatoma-inoculated mice were given various combinations of conjugates, free Trenimon, and unconjugated immunoglobulins in daily injections for 5 days. Linkage of Trenimon to immunoglobulins reduced systemic toxicity of(More)
In order to investigate the association between various karyotypes of human tumor cells and biological behavior of tumors such as tumorigenicity, rate of growth, and the capacity to form metastasis, six chromosomally distinctive clones were isolated from an Epstein-Burr virustransformed human chronic lymphocytic leukemic B-cell line which progressively grew(More)
Hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancers are a heterogeneous class with differential prognosis. Although more than half of Indian women present with advanced disease, many such patients do well. We have attempted identification of biologically indolent tumors within HR+HER2- tumors based on gene expression using histological grade as a guide to tumor(More)
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