Raja Noor Zaliha Raja

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Aneurinibacillus thermoaerophilus strain AFNA as a novel isolated extracellular thermostable organic solvent tolerant lipase producing bacterium was employed in the present study. The lipase production of strain AFNA and its correlation with bacterial growth was studied via a modeling assessment by response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural(More)
Microbial surface active agents (biosurfactant) have recently been recognized as important microbial products with properties applicable in a number of industries and processes. Being capable of lowering surfaceand interfacial-tension, biosurfactants are today thought to be efficient replacers and possible enhancer of chemically synthesized surface-active(More)
cant genetic variation and absence of several genetic elements in E. coli for regulation and activation of Pseudomonas proteins. Modifi cations in promoter/repressor system and shuttle plasmid maintenance have made the expression of stable and active Pseudomonas protein possible in both Pseudomonas sp. and E. coli. Objectives: Construction of shuttle(More)
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