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Appropriated foreswearing of service(ddos) assault attempts to close down a specific victimized person web server with parcel flooding. Ddos assaults developed from generally unassuming megabit beginnings in 2000 to the biggest late Ddos assaults breaking the 100 Gb/s obstruction, for which the larger part of Isps(internet Service Provider) today fail to(More)
This paper presents an approach and a system to let tutors monitor several important aspects related to online tests, such as learner behavior and test quality. The approach includes the logging of important data related to learner interaction with the system during the execution of online tests and exploits data visualization to highlight information(More)
The data transmission carries throughout the internet using TCP protocol, the internet traffic , performance depends on the Transmission control protocol. The congestion control and adaptive routing in isolation, much less attention has been paid to whether these two resourceallocation mechanisms work well together to optimize user performance. The(More)
In Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack, an attacker may use your computer to attack another computer by taking security weakness an attacker could take control of your computer. He could then force your computer to send huge amounts of data to a website. Or send spam particular email address. The “Attack” is distributed because the attacker is using(More)
The uses of web search engines are very frequent and common worldwide over the internet by end users for different purposes. A web search engine takes the query request from the end user and executes that query on relational database used to store the information on behalf of that web search engine. Based on input queries the dynamic response is generated(More)
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