Raj Whitlock

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Background: The translocation of plants or animals between populations has been used in conservation to reinforce populations of threatened species, and may be used in the future to buffer species' ranges from the anticipated effects of environmental change. This population admixture can result in outbreeding, and the resulting " hybrid " offspring can be(More)
1. Understanding the effects of intraspecific genetic diversity on the structure and functioning of ecological communities is a fundamentally important part of evolutionary ecology and may also have conservation relevance in identifying the situations in which genetic diversity coincides with species-level diversity. 2. Early studies within this field(More)
Genetic diversity may play an important role in allowing individual species to resist climate change, by permitting evolutionary responses. Our understanding of the potential for such responses to climate change remains limited, and very few experimental tests have been carried out within intact ecosystems. Here, we use amplified fragment length(More)
In a study of the use of the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List--Revised and a set of scaled questions at the end of each group therapy session, the following results were found: (1) This checklist is sufficiently reliable and valid for use in psychiatric inpatient settings. (2) For patients who attended all 10 group therapy sessions there was a(More)
To determine the readability of the Depression Adjective Check Lists (DACL; Lubin, 1981) and the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-Revised (MAACL-R; Zuckerman & Lubin, 1985), each adjective on the two instruments was assigned its grade level readability designation from the Dale and O'Rourke (1981) compendium. Median readability level of each of the(More)