Raj Solanki

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We report here on applying electric fields and dielectric media to achieve controlled alignment of single-crystal nickel silicide nanowires between two electrodes. Depending on the concentration of nanowire suspension and the distribution of electrical field, various configurations of nanowire interconnects, such as single, chained, and branched nanowires(More)
The temperature induced melting transition of a self-complementary DNA strand covalently attached at the 5' end to the surface of a gold interdigitated microelectrode (GIME) was monitored in a novel, label-free, manner. The structural state of the hairpin was assessed by measuring four different electronic properties of the GIME (capacitance, impedance,(More)
Three-dimensional interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) have been investigated as sensing elements for biosensors. Electric field and current density were simulated in the vicinity of these electrodes as a function of the electrode width, gap, and height to determine the optimum geometry. Both the height and the gap between the electrodes were found to have(More)
  • Alasdair James Crawford, Alasdair Crawford, James, Raj Solanki, Gary Goncher, Shankar Rananavare +1 other
  • 2016
Let us know how access to this document benefits you. Abstract A physical model for redox flow batteries is developed to estimate performance for any chemistry using parameters such as electrolyte conductivity and kinetic rate constants. The model returns the performance as a function of flow rate, current density, and state of charge. Two different models(More)
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