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Three studies are reported using the Geriatric Mental State in one of its community forms on a total of 647 subjects aged over 65 and living in their own homes. The concordance between the computer diagnosis AGECAT and psychiatrists' diagnosis is at least as good in these replication samples as in the original studies (Copeland et al. 1986). AGECAT has been(More)
We describe a cross-sectional study of aggressive behaviour in a sample of patients suffering from Huntington's disease in a residential nursing home. Data were obtained using the RAGE, a behaviourally oriented rating scale for measuring aggressive behaviour in cognitively impaired patients. Nursing staff rated 27 patients after a 3 day observation period.(More)
OBJECTIVE This article overviews the recommended dosing strategies for the treatment of schizophrenia patients using the recently FDA-approved once-monthly long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotic, paliperidone palmitate. METHODS Using pharmacokinetic (PK), efficacy and safety data from clinical trials and a comprehensive population PK simulation(More)
We report on an unexpected phenomenon following the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster. A series of cross-channel ferry workers referred by their GPs to the Folkestone Mental Health Team, during the three years after the disaster, presented with post-traumatic stress disorder, despite having no direct contact with the disaster as survivors, bereaved(More)
Since 1993, Texas law has required that all deaths that occur within 14 days of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) be reported to the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. This study attempted to differentiate deaths that may have been due to ECT or the associated anesthesia from those due to other causes. Among more than 8,000 patients who(More)
BACKGROUND The study tested specific hypotheses that (a) there is an increased incidence of psychiatric disorders in asymptomatic heterozygotes for Huntington's disease (HD) compared with the normal homozygotes, and (b) there is an increased incidence of psychiatric disorders in the adult offspring of Huntington's disease patients compared with their(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To use routine statistical records to estimate the incidence and prevalence of treated schizophrenia. DESIGN AND SETTING Analysis of linked records in Oxfordshire (population 540,000) for all people in contact with specialist psychiatric services from 1975-86. SUBJECTS Records of 685 people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia as an(More)
Schizophrenia is a common, genetically heterogeneous disorder with a lifetime prevalence of approximately 1% in the general population. Linkage studies of affected families have now strongly implicated a susceptibility locus on chromosome 8p21-22. Tests of allelic association with markers on 8p21-22 should be able to localise any quantitative trait(More)