Raj Mohan Bharadwaj

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—Early detection and diagnosis of incipient faults is desirable for online condition assessment, product quality assurance , and improved operational efficiency of induction motors. In this paper, a speed-sensorless fault diagnosis system is developed for induction motors, using recurrent dynamic neural networks and multiresolution or Fourier-based signal(More)
This paper proposes a combined energy-based model with an empirical physics of failure model for degradation analysis and prognosis of electrolytic capacitors in DC-DC power converters. Electrolytic capacitors and MOSFET's have higher failure rates than other components in DC-DC converter systems. For example, in avionics systems where the power supply(More)
This paper introduces a stand-off vibration sensor based on the Doppler radar principle and its application to helicopter drive train monitoring. The noncontact advanced vibration sensing radar (ADVISER) provides a wide field of view for comprehensive monitoring of systems and non-moving support structures within a common framework. The baseline performance(More)
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