Raj Kumar Sharma

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Diabetes mellitus describes a metabolic disorder of multiple etiologies characterized by insulin resistance, relative insulin deficiency and hyperglycemia with disturbances of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. The goal for treatment of diabetes is to prevent its acute manifestations and long-term microvascular and macrovascular complications. The(More)
During the present investigation the effect of α-tocopherol (100 μmolL(-1)) in prevention of testicular toxicity induced by atrazine in goat Capra hircus have been analyzed. Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) at dose level 100 μmolL(-1) provides attenuation over the histopathological changes generated by pesticide atrazine (100 nmolml(-1)). Small pieces(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the present study was to investigate, anti-obesity effect of Aloe vera (AV), and Gymnema sylvestre (GS) whole extract powders administration to high-fat diet (HFD) fed C57BL/6J mice for 12 weeks. MATERIALS AND METHODS At the end of experiment, different parameters such as body weight, feed intake, organ weights, fasting blood(More)
BACKGROUND In Indian traditional system of medicine Celastrus paniculatus extract has been used to improve intellect, memory and for the treatment of various mental disorders. PURPOSE The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of this medicinal plant on serum biochemistry. METHODS Ethanolic extract of seed of Celastrus paniculatus(More)
T-helper (Th) type 1/Th2 cytokines are key mediators in induction/effecter phases of all immune and inflammatory responses playing role in acute/chronic renal allograft rejection. Association studies lead to identification of patient risk profiles enabling individualization of level of immunosuppressions. We investigated the association of allograft(More)
OBJECTIVE Effects of transient neonatal hypothyroidism (HPOT) on adult testis size and serum hormone profiles were evaluated in the Charles foster strain of rats, maintained under the temperature of 21 degrees C (HPOTL) or of 34 degrees C (HPOTH). METHODS Hypothyroidism was induced in suckling pups in preweanling period (1-21 days), by administering 0.1%(More)
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