Raj Kumar Pal

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Due to the nonlinear nature of the inter-particle contact, granular chains made of elastic spheres are known to transmit solitary waves under impulse loading. However, the localized contact between spherical granules leads to stress concentration, resulting in plastic behavior even for small forces. In this work, we investigate the effects of plasticity in(More)
Applications where the diffusive and advective time scales are of similar order give rise to advection– diffusion phenomena that are inconsistent with the predictions of parabolic Fickian diffusion models. Non-Fickian diffusion relations can capture these phenomena and remedy the paradox of infinite propagation speeds in Fickian models. In this work, we(More)
For short duration impulse loadings, elastic granular chains are known to support solitary waves, while elastoplastic chains have recently been shown to exhibit two force decay regimes [ Pal, Awasthi and Geubelle Granular Matter 15 747 (2013)]. In this work, the dynamics of monodisperse elastic and elastoplastic granular chains under a wide range of loading(More)
Wave propagation in homogeneous granular chains subjected to impact loads causing plastic deformations is substantially different from that in elastic chains. To design wave tailoring materials, it is essential to gain a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of heterogeneous granular chains under loads where the effects of plasticity are significant. In(More)
We present a granular system whose response under an impact load can be varied from rapidly decaying to almost constant amplitude waves by an external regulator. The system consists of a granular chain of larger spheres surrounded by small spheres, confined in a hollow cylindrical tube and supporting wave propagation along the axis of the cylinder. We(More)
This paper aims at designing and development of an Automated Safety & Online Healthcare System in which we are focusing on the intelligent integration of various technologies to come out with a single integrated system for Accident detection, notification and aftermath practices. Our proposed system presents completely an innovative idea for detection of an(More)
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