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Phase separation simulation study related to cellulose acetate-water-acetone has been done. Results show that porous asymmetric and symmetric membranes can be produced by changing the nonsolvent concentration or by the drying conditions without altering the polymer content using dry-casting process. Dry-casting process is the process in which complete(More)
In this work free-volume parameters needed for poly(styrene) – p-xylene-tetrahydrofuran coating and poly(methylmethacrylate) – tetrahydrofuran – ethylbenzene coatings were estimated by minimizing the difference between model predicted residual solvent and experimental residual solvent in binary coatings. Each ternary system needs two binary systems for(More)
Concentration profiles in two binary polymeric coatings-poly (styrene) – p-xylene and poly (methyl methacrylate) – ethylbenzene, have been measured using confocal laser Raman spectroscopy. Measured profiles are very different from as shown earlier for rubbery coatings. Sigmoidal profiles are observed in these polymeric coatings during the course of drying(More)
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