Raj Kishore Kamalanathsharma

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This report presents three research efforts that were published in various journals. The first research effort presents a reactive-driving agent based algorithm for modeling driver left turn gap acceptance behavior at signalized intersections. This model considers the interaction between driver characteristics and vehicle physical capabilities. The model(More)
Notice This document is disseminated under the sponsorship of the Department of Transportation in the interest of information exchange. The United States Government assumes no liability for its contents or use thereof. Abstract This report concentrates on a velocity advisory tool, or decision support system, for vehicles approaching an intersection using(More)
Stopping for red lights at intersections forms a major share of energy lost by a vehicle. Studies have indicated that an intelligent approach to vary speeds of vehicles to reduce stopping and idling at intersections can yield major savings in fuel and emissions. However, speed variation for eco-benefits depends on traffic congestion largely. This makes(More)
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