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Delaunay tessellation is applied for the first time in the analysis of protein structure. By representing amino acid residues in protein chains by C alpha atoms, the protein is described as a set of points in three-dimensional space. Delaunay tessellation of a protein structure generates an aggregate of space-filling irregular tetrahedra, or Delaunay(More)
We describe an environment supporting concurrent hardware and software engineering for high performance systems. In place of a conventional bread-boarded prototype , we used distributed communicating processes to allow software and simulated hardware to interact. We extended the Cadence Verilog-XL. simulator to enable software debugging and testing using(More)
We describe a network sharable, interactive computational tool for rapid and sensitive search and analysis of biomolecular sequence databases such as GenBank, GenPept, Protein Identification Resource, and SWISS-PROT. The resource is accessible via the World Wide Web using popular client software such as Mosaic and Netscape. The client software is freely(More)
We compare implementation of Raw and Internet protocols (TCP, UDP) on a programmable HIPPI host-interface called the Network Interface Unit. The network interface unit connects Pixel-Planes 5, a message-based graphics multicomputer, to a wide area gigabit network called VISTAnet. The BISDN network consists of a SONET cross-connect switch and an ATM switch.(More)
Application of doxorubicin (Dox) for the treatment of cancer is restricted due to its severe side effects. We used combination strategy by combining doxorubicin (Dox) with withaferin A (WFA) to minimize the ill effects of Dox. Treatment of various epithelial ovarian cancer cell lines (A2780, A2780/CP70 and CaOV3) with combination of WFA and Dox (WFA/DOX)(More)
As networks approach gigabit performance, supercom-puter host interfaces are becoming the communication bottleneck. The Network Interface Unit (NIU) is a high-performance host interface for Pixel Planes 5, a custom graphics supercomputer. The design offers both performance and programmability through a balance of ahta-marshaling hardware and an embedded(More)
The complete genome of the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) strain JEV/eq/India/H225/2009(H225), isolated from an infected horse in India, was sequenced and compared to previously published JEV genomes. H225 genome was 10,977-nucleotides long, comprising a single ORF of 10,299-nucleotides, a 5′-UTR of 95 nucleotides and a 3′-UTR of 582 nucleotides. The(More)
We construct a graphical representation of protein structure based on the 3D C-alpha carbon point set, using the Delaunay tessellation to define interacting quadruples of amino acid residues. The tessellation is filtered by two criteria: interaction distance less than 9.5 angstroms and circumsphere radius less than 8.0 angstroms using dataset of 608 protein(More)
Rapid growth of protein structures database in recent years requires an effective approach for objective comparison and classification of deposited protein structures. We describe a novel method for structure comparison and classification based on the alignment of one-dimensional structure profiles. These profiles are obtained by calculating the OCCO(More)