Raj Jammy

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Well designed tunneling green transistor may enable future VLSIs operating at 0.1V. Sub-60mV/decade characteristics have been convincingly demonstrated on 8 " wafers. Large I ON at low V DD are possible according to TCAD simulations but awaits verification. V DD scaling will greatly benefit from low (effective) band gap energy, which may be provided by type(More)
—We demonstrate L g = 100 nm high-speed enhancement-mode (E-mode) InAs quantum-well MOSFETs with outstanding high-frequency and logic performance. These devices feature a 3-nm Al 2 O 3 layer grown by atomic layer deposition. The MOSFETs with L g = 100 nm exhibit V T = 0.2 V (E-mode), R ON = 370 Ω · μm, S = 105 mV/dec, DIBL = 100 mV/V, and g m_ max = 1720(More)
SUMMARY We have demonstrated high mobility MOS transistors on high quality epitaxial SiGe films selectively grown on Si (100) substrates. The hole mobility enhancement afforded intrinsically by the SiGe channel (60%) is further increased by an optimized Si cap (40%) process, resulting in a combined ∼100% enhancement over Si channels. Surface orientation ,(More)
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