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The glitch of providing recommendations to the visitors of a web site has received a significant amount of attention in recent years. To address this requirement, web sites provide personalized recommendations to the end users. When a personalization system relies solely on usage-based results, however, valuable information conceptually related to what is(More)
The link structure of website allows us to spread the link power of home page to the individual pages of the site. In this paper we define the content and web pages as two important and prominent factors in website navigation and restate the enhancement in the website navigation as making some useful changes in the link structure of the website based on the(More)
E-commerce innovating applications have posed novel, technical, organizational and commercial challenges. In this paper we use a hypercube model for systematic assessment of these innovative challenges and focuses on their impacts on the E-commerce companies and their co-opetitors (providers, customers, and complementors). The results indicate that mobile(More)
The Internet has become a cosmic information source in recent years and can be considered as the world's largest digital library. To aid ordinary users in finding desired data in this library, numerous search engines have been created. Each search engine has a corresponding database that defines the set of documents that can be searched by the search(More)
The technique that hides the information within an original image without causing much affects on the originality of the image is known as digital image watermarking technique. This technique is mainly used for copyright protection or rightful ownership. The main objective of mostly all the techniques is to enhance the imperceptibility which is done by(More)
With the explosive growth of information sources available on the World Wide Web, it has become increasingly necessary for users to utilize automated tools in find the desired information resources, and to track and analyze their usage patterns. These factors give rise to the necessity of creating server side and client side intelligent systems that can(More)
Testing is a software development activity, devoted to evaluating quality and improving the end product by identifying defects and problems. It’s an important aspect in software application development to insure the application quality which include the application's performance, reliability, speed, security and functionality. Testing can be done by(More)